Have you used the Nike product defect hack?

Jan 21, 2021

Nike has always been a top brand not only in terms of athletics but also just when it comes to style. As popular and expensive as Nike shoes can be today, did you know back in the 90’s to mid 2000’s you were able to send back a defective Nike shoe and they’d send you back a brand new pair of shoes regardless of the price for free? Well they did, and for as many people who did know about that part of Nike’s customer service just as many had no clue.

Throughout my career playing AAU basketball as a youngster, I had the privilege of being on a team with a Nike sponsorship (Yeah, pretty cool) so we we’re always getting the latest Nike Basketball shoe for our team every season. We were actually amongst some of the 1st people in Canada to get pre-releases of Lebron James’s 1st Nike Shoe, the Air Zoom Generation.

So back in the summer of early 2006 I’d like to say, me and my brother had decided to give the “Nike Send Back” a try, as we knew of a couple friends who had sent back shoes and got back some pretty amazing Nikes. Now this story that I’m about to tell may blow a sneaker heads mind because it does involve a pair of retro Jordans.

The “Nike Send Back” was really supposed to be a service where clients could send back their actual defective shoes. Defects qualified as pretty much any type of manufacturing defect but somehow that scope widened and your basic everyday wear and tear on a shoe seemed to be accepted by Nike as a defect. All you had to do was put your shoes in a box and mail them to Nike, a few weeks later new shoes. I my case these new shoes were a little more than expected, especially given the average pair of Nike Basketball shoes we sent in.

I do seem to remember the quite well, we were out in front playing basketball when the UPS truck pulled up and we just knew what time it was. We collect the package, rush inside with excitement and open it up. A Fresh brand spanking new Air Jordan Retro 9’s (WHAT THE FU#$K), we almost lost our minds. Mind you in the early 2000’s Jordan’s were more popular as a basketball shoe than a casual one.

Could you imagine Nike sending back free shoes like that today, to be honest maybe they do and I’m not aware because I haven’t tried?

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